OPW MediaWiki Spelling Dictionary: Week 7

Hello folks! 🙂

This week was of great importance as it was the last week before the mid-term evaluations, thus marking mid-way milestone of the project! 🙂

One very important task was to provide the option of importing and exporting to the admin. Therefore, I started this week by including page import/export options for admin on his dashboard.

I added a new section for import/export of spellings-list. In order to maintain consistency within the project and the coding conventions of MediaWiki, I utilized the special pages defined in Special Page Factory for importing and exporting.  I wrote a function to return such pre-defined special pages as admin page section’s items.

By clicking on either of import or export, the admin will be able to perform the standard activities of being able to directly import or export any page to/from the project. Each link opens up a new page for performing the desired task.

Apart from this, I changed the code used for displaying spellings to show them in form of columns of spelling and language rather than statements.

The main focus of the upcoming weeks will now be working on the UI, improving the method to take user input (using ULS), improving user experience etc.

Tiil then, happy coding! 😀


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