OPW MediaWiki Spelling Dictionary: Weeks 10 & 11

Hello! 🙂

Since the basic prototype has already been made, therefore I am now working towards improving further features. My main focus these days is the use and integration of Ajax and ULS to improve performance and user-experience.

In these two weeks, I learnt more about ajax and its implementation. I also studied about implementing ajax function calls without creating any extra unnecessary (intermediate) files for the purpose of function calls and execution.

Under the regular routine discussions with my mentor regarding the project, we talked about the following:

  • various possibilities on the final stage advancements of the project
  • recent code bugs like:
    • form submit callback error throw (although the callback is already included)
    • Mediawiki coding convention with respect to ajax function call like
      • where  should the function be defined
      • where should it be called etc

Apart from the above mentioned activities, I also tried debugging the code for the ‘Delete’ ajax function call that I had already written. However, it still needs some more efforts as it is not working satisfactorily.

Presently, I am working towards the final effects to give the project a complete look. Will update about it soon! 🙂

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