OPW 2014-15 Wrap-up – An Overview Of The Entire Journey (Till Now…)

I had been working on the project “Spelling Dictionary” extension as an OPW 2014 intern with MediaWiki. The OPW internship may have come to an end officially but the experience I gained here has managed to get me going even beyond! 🙂

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OPW MediaWiki Spelling Dictionary: Week 13

Welcome back! It’s the last week of the internship. I have mixed feelings regarding this: I am happy because of the wonderful journey I had and the various new things I learned and sad because it is coming to an end.

I’ll start with the accomplishments of this week. After my exams, I had a lot of tasks to do, and am happy to inform you all that I was able to manage it all within time (lots of coffee and a few sleepless nights! 😉 )

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