OPW MediaWiki Spelling Dictionary: Week 12


I started off this week by creating some issues on github and will look into them one by one.

Unfortunately, due to my ongoing exams (this week to mid of the next week) I have mostly been studying for my examinations.

By the time, I have created a list of To-Do tasks for the next week:

  • Fix the language selection options in the drop-down: Providing a complete list of all the languages
  • Fix ajax function calls to Edit a spelling by admin (I have already written the function)
  • Fix ajax function calls to Delete a spelling from the database table by admin
  • Create user documentation for Extension wiki to help users add spellings to the dictionary.
  • Restrict access on admin dashboard and other admin-pages
  • Fix the callback error that is being thrown in ViewByLanguage
  • Organized and refactored code
  • Fix any previous bug

I’ll resume my work after the exams with full time devotion. Till then, I’m trying to adjust and manage my time by completing whatever required reading I’ll need further in the course of the project.

Ciao! 🙂


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