OPW 2014-15 Wrap-up – An Overview Of The Entire Journey (Till Now…)

I had been working on the project “Spelling Dictionary” extension as an OPW 2014 intern with MediaWiki. The OPW internship may have come to an end officially but the experience I gained here has managed to get me going even beyond! 🙂

The project aimed at creating an extension where users could add numerous spellings(words) and these could then be used for spell-check. This required a user panel (made) where the user may submit spellings and the corresponding language. Apart from this, it also required an admin panel (this also made) where the admin can view the spellings submitted by the users and delete or edit any in the table if need be.

The basic functional prototype of the project and which was promised in the proposal has been completed in time. I would, however, continue adding more features to it and improve it further.

It had been a great journey and I thoroughly enjoyed doing each and every task. I not only appreciate the tech and coding-related things I learnt here but a lot more like:

  • Making workboards – modularizing the tasks
  • Plan a project timeline before starting – helps in materializing the project idea and in a more successful implementation
  • Regular meetings with mentor – helps in realizing and identifying sources of errors/mistakes, and plan things in a more organized manner. Plus the motivational support! 🙂
  • Commit your code regularly – consistent track of the progress of the project. Safe from any kind of data loss
  • Community interaction – Helps in making connections and is a great symbiotic environment for learning

These are just a few to list! This is truly an admirable initiative and I thank everyone who has been involved in providing us with such a great opportunity!
I got to know some really amazing people and was lucky to have Kartik as my mentor, the most helping mentor ever! \m/

I am happy to help anyone and everyone who wish to contribute in open-source. In fact, partly because of this blog, and partly due to my MediaWiki user page, I have already had a few fellow open-source enthusiasts who wanted to know about open-source coding in general and MediaWiki in particular. I’m glad to inform that they are getting involved with the community now and are moving ahead.

Additionally, I’m taking up this opportunity to thank OPW for getting me into the habit of writing regular blog posts and thank Kartik for suggesting that I continue this in future. I enjoy this and will definitely continue being active on my blog here! 🙂

Moreover,I saved the best  part for the last. 🙂
So, last but definitely not the least, I’m going to continue collaborating in projects under MediaWiki in general even after I am totally done with Spelling Dictionary. 🙂

Hurray! 😀

Here are all the links relevant to the project:


4 thoughts on “OPW 2014-15 Wrap-up – An Overview Of The Entire Journey (Till Now…)

  1. Hi Ankita, I am manager with Linux Technology Center IBM Bangalore, we work on core kernel development and other related Open Source work, One of my team member is a also a mentor for OPW, I was curious to know if you are seeking internship/employment in Open Source area. Please ping me on your future plans and I will be pleased to get in touch with you. (tarundeep-at-gmail.com)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Ankita. I’m an undergraduate(ICT) student aspiring to be a part of OPW December. It will be really grateful to you if you can spare some time to guide me about some things. Please drop me a mail so that I may contact you there.
    Thanks a lot.


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